Thursday, October 28, 2010

So... you know how time flies...

So I don't know about you, but this summer went by way to quickly! It is already half way through first semester and I realized how long it has been since I blogged.  I surprisingly have a free moment right now, so I thought I would try to catch you up on what has happened over the summer.  As far as my crafts go... SUCCESS!
My best friend had her baby... four weeks early! However, I had already completed the dinosaur and bib and booties :-)  Justin Lee was born on June 24th and is the cutest baby in the world! His mommy said he loved the little dinosaur, but their puppy got a hold of the stuffed animal :-(  No worries... Auntie Courtney will fix it right up!
Sadly, I never did get around to making hair-bows or a tote bag.  Those items were just for fun though and not a priority.
I completed a gorgeous multi-colored summer dress!! I also made a a black dress for a friend and started making an identical dress as mine in blue for a friend.  The latter has yet to be completed though.  I did however tailor my black dress in time for recruitment!
Basically, I had a very successful summer as far as my crafts go!  Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer... I think not...

I have been back in my hometown for almost a month.  You would think that this would signal a summer break, correct?  I think not.  Or at least not when summer classes are involved...Oh yes, I had the brilliant idea of getting ahead on my gen eds by taking a couple of online classes.  Back in March when I signed up for these classes, it really did seem to make sense.  However, now that it is "summer," I realize that coming home from a 6-8 hour workday to find 60 pages of homework to be read, is not the summer I had expected.  I am not stupid.  I understood that there would be work involved in keeping up with these classes, but this is just ridiculous! To every cloud thought, there is a silver lining.  In this case, one of my summer classes will be complete as soon as I take my final tomorrow morning! Yippee! Sadly, this final has come on the same day as a test for my other class... leaving me frantic to study my best for both at the same time.  Oh well, I can only blame myself.  At least after tomorrow I will be able to concentrate on just one class at a time.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Courtney's Cravings...

     Summer 2010 is finally here! Therefore, it is that time of year. You know?? The time of year that everyone anticipates?  When the whole summer is laid out before you, and there is only one thing to do... It is time... to make... a LIST! Now, this is not just a typical list of "to-dos." Oh no, this list is a contract with oneself laying out all projects that are to be completed by the end of the summer.  What? You don't do this too? Hehe..Oops... I guess it is just my family then.  
     Well at the beginning of the summer each year, I make a list of goals I would like to accomplish before school returns.  More often than not, only a portion of that list has the honor of being crossed off. Sadly, this has become a habit that I am going to beat this year.  
"Hello, my name is Crafty Courtney, and I vow to finish my entire list of summer projects this year!" 
I may regret publishing this, but now I can be held accountable.  So there you have it!

And to further this accountability... here is my list and some explanations: 

Baby Gifts - (One of my best friends is having a baby this summer! I am super excited to make her some unique and crafty gifts for her beautiful baby boy!)
     -Stuffed Animal Dinosaur 
     -Baby booties 
Accessories - (Just for fun!)
     -Hair Bows
     -Tote Bag
Clothing - (Some sewing/tailoring projects that are going to challenge my abilities)
     -Summer Dress
     -Skirts (potentially multiple, but I will be satisfied to complete one)
     -Tailor Black Dress (I purchased a dress online that needs a teeny bit of work.)
     -Sorority Letters (I would like to make letters to put on t-shirts and bags that display my Greek pride. 
     They also make great gifts for the sorority sisters.)

Another advantage of posting this list is that you now have an outline of posts to come! Hopefully, as I finish each project I will be able to post a picture and further description.  This is going to be fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Start at the Very Beginning . . . A Very Good Place to Start.

     I do not quite know how to start this... but here it goes.  At the beginning of this school year, my sister began a blog.  She is fellow a college student and we share some creative family genes.  She seems to be having a wonderful time with her blog.  Since starting her blog, my sister has been nagging me about starting my own.  So this is me giving in.
     By starting this blog I hope to accomplish a few things. First, I would like an outlet to express my creative writing and such. Second, I want to be able to share the crafty projects that I complete with someone... anyone really.  And third and finally, I want to have some fun with this new hobby.  I am always excited to try something new and blogging is a whole new thing to me.
     So please bear with me as I attempt this blog :-)